- July 24, 2017

The São Paulo State Secretariat for the Rights of the Person with Disability was created in 2008 as the first State Secretariat in the country, focused on the rights of person with disability and the promotion of social inclusion and citizenship of these persons.

The Best Companies Award for Employees with Disability was created to publicly value and recognize the companies that have persons with disability in their staff. The goal is to stimulate organizations to improve their plans of professional inclusion, focusing on building and maintaining a participative, productive and egalitarian corporative environment, in which employees with and without disability, together, contribute for a sustainable and humane economy.

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The main goal of the Award is to become an additional support tool for the professional inclusion of persons with disability in the labor Market, focusing in the quality of this process, through the identification, recognition and award of the inclusive good practices used by the companies. In addition to this visibility, the Award also intends to stimulate constant improvements in the initiatives of the companies from the State of São Paulo, Brazil or foreign companies, based or not in the Brazilian territory, aiming to expand opportunities of formal jobs for persons with disability.

To compete for the award, the participants in the four categories (Large Companies, Micro, small and medium enterprises, Entrepreneurs with Disabilities and Foreign Companies) must register on the website between 12 June and 31 August 2017, and complete the questionnaires by 30 September 2017. The award ceremony will be held in the first fortnight of December 2017, in the city of São Paulo – SP/Brazil.

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