Capacity building: teachers and staff
We will support the capacity building of teachers and ToT to provide quality inclusive education for children with disabilities.  

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
We will provide teacher training to focus on children, disability and girls’ rights and on the necessary adjustments to be fully inclusive. Child safeguarding including the specific risks faced by girls will be at the heart of these trainings. They will be followed by initiation to braille, sign language and lip reading. Teacher training will be supported by the procurement of adapted teaching and learning materials.          

Stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours
We will support persons with disabilities in Africa and Asia to engage with their communities and carry out awareness raising campaigns which dispel myths and challenge negative beliefs around disability and attitudes towards PWD, particularly the most marginalised.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
ADD will enhance DPOs’ capacity to raise awareness of families and the community, particularly the most marginalised such as CWD, WAGWD and those with psychosocial disability and mental health issues. We will champion for inclusive policies that address challenges facing these groups. This will be complemented by our policy and influencing work, where we will use evidence and learning from our work on the ground to advocate for effective approaches in changing stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours.  

Policy, standards and regulations
We will model the implementation of national strategies on inclusive education through pilot projects in primary and pre-primary schools, using the learning and evidence to make recommendations to local and national governments on how to implement policies effectively. 

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
We will work with our DPO partners to advocate for “what works” in the provision of inclusive education, engaging in planning and drafting of policies, dialogue and advocacy and budgeting processes.   

Additional resources and implementation
ADD International will endeavour to advocate for and expand accessibility of educational facilities in 3 countries in Africa. 

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
We will work with DPOs to improve physical accessibility in schools, including access to school yards, WASH facilities and resource rooms. We will broker links with organisations providing assistive devices such as wheelchairs. Recognising the intrinsic link between poverty and education, we will link parents with government and NGO social protection, IGA and livelihoods programmes. We will continue to advocate for accessibility of educational facilities in line with best practices at relevant fora. 

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