- April 4, 2018

Raising our voices for the participation of persons with disabilities in CRPD implementation and monitoring

    The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has endorsed a draft general comment on Articles 4.3 and 33.3 of the CRPD (you may access it by clicking here ), which will be discussed in the upcoming session. Its purposeis to provide further guidance to States on their obligations to consult and involve organisations of persons with disabilities in CRPD implementation and monitoring. This creates a unique opportunity for us, organisations of persons with disabilities, to raise our voice, and provide our concerns and views, based on our international, regional, national and local experiences. We must not let this opportunity pass!

    We, at the International Disability Alliance, are enthusiastic of launching this online consultation to receive your insights on such a relevant topic for us and the overall future of CRPD implementation worldwide. We are also looking forward to collect examples of good practices, including legislations, regulations, and policies in your countries.

    We estimate that responding to this online consultation takes around 15 minutes. We will be very thankful if you could provide your inputs soon and especially before April 30.

    All the inputs will be made available to IDA’s members and will be reviewed to inform IDA’s advocacy and written submissions before the CRPD Committee till the adoption of the General Comment!

    This online consultation is part of wider work of IDA to monitor the extent and quality of engagement and consultation of persons with disabilities and their representative organisations at all levels. Let’s stand by our main motto “Nothing about us without us” to have the General Comment that we need to ensure our rights! It is key and will be highly appreciated!

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