Kenya training 2011

From 2010 to 2013, IDA supported national DPOs in contributing to the effective implementation and monitoring of the CRPD at national level.

As States which ratified the convention have to report to the UN CRPD committee, it gives great opportunity to the DPOs to promote the rights of persons with disabilities. They have to be involved and consulted in the official reporting process, and can provide the CRPD committee with alternative views on the advancement of the implementation of the convention. DPOs have also other ways of conveying their voice to the international level such as the universal periodic review or other UN treaty bodies.

IDA Capacity Building Seminar, Mali

With the support of the Open Society Foundation and DPOD, in 2010-2011, IDA has provided support at different level to DPOs from 20 countries (India, Tunisia, Philippines, Mali, Uganda, El Salvador among others).This support includes long term coaching of few national coalitions in the preparation of parallel reports, punctual trainings at national and regional for key DPO representatives and other stakeholders on the monitoring of CRPD, distant technical assistance as well as facilitating interaction with the CRPD Committee as well as the Human right council in order to influence their recommendations.

In addition to the continuation of its technical assistance activities, and based on the lesson learned in 2010-2011 and following strong demands from DPOs at national level, IDA and its members together with their allies will be initiating a global initiative of training of trainer and leaders on the implementation and monitoring of the CRPD (ToTAL) with a pilot phase in 2012. The initiative aims at ensuring the availability in each region of resources that have a comprehensive and cross disability on the CRPD for the advocacy and capacity building of the disability movement. Further information will be available in the first semester 2012.