International Labour Organization

The ILO is the international organization responsible for drawing up and overseeing international labour standards. It is the only 'tripartite' United Nations agency that brings together representatives of governments, employers and workers to jointly shape policies and programmes promoting Decent Work for all.

IDA is a member of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network which brings together multinational enterprises and national employer unions to improve the employment of persons with disabilities.


The 101st session of the International Labour Conference took place in Geneva from 30 May - 15 June 2012. During the session, the Conference adopted a Recommendation on a Social Protection Floor. IDA worked with a coalition of NGOs to ensure a strong recommendation text.

ILO Recommendation on Social Protection Floor

The International Disability Alliance also prepared a position paper indicating some key points on this Recommendation.

IDA position paper - Social Protection Floor Recommenda​tion