Main issues raised by TBs:
  • Discrimination against children with disabilities
  • Need for frameworks for the inclusive, comprehensive and transparent participation of organisations representing persons with disabilities (DPOs)
  • Awareness-raising on discrimination on the basis of disability
  • Need for comprehensive and disaggregated data collection, including on children with disabilities, children rights’ indicators and employment of persons with disabilities
  • Recognition of legal capacity, and development of supported decision making, upholding right to liberty across all laws and policies including of persons with psychosocial disabilities- also concerning the right to free and informed consent.
  • Violence against persons with disabilities, in particular, children, women and girls with disabilities, including sexual violence, unequal access to support and counselling of victims of sexual violence with disabilities and lack of accessible shelters for women with disabilities victims of violence
  • Need to prohibit in law sterilisation without the full and informed consent of the individual concerned, eliminating all exceptions including by substituted consent or upon court approval
  • Inclusive education: lack of inclusive education, particularly at the secondary level
  • Support and access to related information to migrant children with disabilities and their families
  • High unemployment rate of persons with disabilities, in particular among women with disabilities
  • Social protection schemes preventing women with disabilities from being fully eligible