UN World Data Forum and Disability Statistics

UN World Data Forum and Disability Statistics

The very first time ESCWA brings together policy-makers, statisticians and DPOs to discuss Disability Statistics in the Sustainable Development Goals!

49th Session of the UN Statistical Commission

If our overarching goal for 2030 is for global sustainable development to leave no one behind, then we must count everyone and we must also count who they are.

The global disability rights movement has been guided by the adage “nothing about us without us”, which superficially may seem a very simple principle to implement. However, persons with disabilities,...

Although the 2030 Agenda references it, the global indicator framework is a separate process. The global framework was developed by statistical experts and will require approval from the UN Statistical Commission in March 2016, agreement by the Economic and Social Council, and adoption by the UN General Assembly.

Global indicators will measure the progress made in implementing the SDGs. Such data is key to decision-making and to help with the measurement of progress, making international comparisons and ensuring that no one is left behind. Data and information from existing national and international reporting mechanisms should be used where possible. In order to enable data collection, statistical capacities require strengthening. We need very robust data sets on disability to help monitor progress. It is important to measure whether people with disability are really being left behind or whether they are progressing equally with others.

NEW! A brief study and overview of DPO experiences regarding disability data