April 11, 2011 - 8:00am

From 11 to 15 April 2011, the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities met for its 5th session in which it undertook its first review of a State party, Tunisia and It also adopted a List of Issues on Spain. Click the link to access to the session documents, including the State reports and submissions made by civil society organisations.

In the lead up to this session, IDA held two consultation workshops in Tunisia to discuss the situation of persons with disabilities. The results of this consultation were shared with the Committee at a private meeting held prior to the start of the dialogue between the Committee and Tunisia. To access IDA recommendations for the Concluding Observations on Tunisia, please click the following links: English, Spanish or French. At the end of the session, the Committee adopted the Concluding Observations on Tunisia, which is now available on the Committee´s website. Please click the link to see IDA note on the Concluding Observations on Tunisia of the CRPD Committee.

Also on the agenda of the Committee was the adoption of the List of Issues on Spain. On 13 April, IDA hosted a side event on Spain to which the majority of  Committee members attended. CERMI, the umbrella group of Spanish organisations of persons with disabilities, presented the main points of CERMI’s submission and answered the Committee’s questions. The Mental Disability Advocacy Centre also made a presentation on how Article 12 has been inadequately implemented in the Spanish legal framework. Click the links below to access CERMI’s recommendations for the List of Issues on Spain, and for the full parallel report presented by CERMI to the CRPD Committee.  To have access the List of Issues adopted by the Committee on Spain, please click the links below: English and Spanish. And click the link to read the Written replies to the List of Issues sent recently by Spain to the CRPD Committee.

Please click the link for more detailed information on the 5th Session of the CRPD Committee.



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