Main issues raised by TBs
  • Discrimination of persons with disabilities, including of women with disabilities and children with disabilities, and limited scope of protection against disability based discrimination by the anti-discrimination legislation  
  • Sterilisation of women and girls with disabilities: need to repeal legal provisions and for supported decision making in connection with sexual and reproductive health
  • Violence against women with disabilities, including lower criminal sanctions of sexual violence crimes when committed against women with disabilities compared to other women, and lack of specialised and accessible services for victims
  • Need for comprehensive and disaggregated data collection, notably regarding women with disabilities and violence against them, and children with disabilities
  • Unemployment rate and low wages: need for implementation of affirmative measures, including quotas in public and private sector
  • Low or inexistent participation of women with disabilities in public and political life
  • Asylum seekers with disabilities being detained in police stations
  • Need to ensure the right of children with disabilities to express their views
  • Need to increase access for children with disabilities to health-care services, public buildings and transportation and to obtain education in mainstream schools,
  • Need to increase sufficient number of personal assistants, interpretation and transportation services for children with disabilities;
  • Need to provide support to families with children with disabilities by providing them with educational guidance