Main issues raised by TBs:
  • Discrimination against persons with disabilities, in particular children with disabilities
  • Unemployment of persons with disabilities, and need for special measures
  • Awareness-raising campaigns to combat the stigmatization, prejudice and discrimination, in particular against children with disabilities
  • Institutionalisation of children with disabilities and monitoring system for residential care institutions
  • Need for comprehensive and disaggregated data collection, including on employment and education of persons with disabilities, and on children with disabilities
  • Prevalence of corporal punishment against children with disabilities
  • Need to increase the low social security benefits for persons with disabilities, and supports for families of children with disabilities
  • Inclusive education: lack of enrolment of children with disabilities in mainstream schools
  • Lack of access to health and rehabilitation services, in particular of children with disabilities, and to sexual and reproductive health information and services, notably for women with disabilities



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