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Recognizing the UN role to lead by example in disability-inclusive development, the International Disability Alliance (IDA) has prepared this factsheet on “Influencing the UN common country strategy” with the aim to facilitate interaction between UN entities with representative organizations of persons with disabilities (DPOs). Considering that new UN common country programming process is being prepared/ revised in more than 90 countries over the next three years, it is essential that DPOs understand how development strategies and disability rights interact with each other and how DPOs can influence this interaction. IDA understands that this momentum is crucial to ensure that disability rights are mainstreamed in this process. This factsheet does not provide an exhaustive description of the UN common country programming process, but explains basic concepts in its “General part” and adopts an action-oriented approach to DPOs’ advocacy work to influence and include the rights of persons with disabilities in international cooperation policies and development-related strategies in the “Action-oriented part”.


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