Negotiations on the zero-draft Ministerial Declaration of the 2016 High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development convened under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council on the theme “Ensuring that no one is left behind”

STATEMENT by the International Disability Alliance, delivered by IDA Chair, Maryanne Diamond

23 June 2016


I speak on behalf of the Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities and I would like to thank the co-facilitators for convening this meeting.

We believe that the zero draft of the MD of the HLPF is a well drafted document and properly addresses the leave-no-one-behind principle. However, we are concerned that one critical element – absolutely essential for persons with disabilities – is NOT addressed by the Ministerial Declaration, and that is on accessibility. The elimination of barriers to participation must be a fundamental part of the overarching principle of ensuring no one is left behind. As such, it is absolutely necessary the MD addresses this by applying the following recommendations:

OP2: We recommend that when “the network of follow-up and review processes of the Agenda at the global level” addressed is, inclusivity and accessibility are also referenced. The UN must be a leading example for Member States by making all of its processes and meetings accessible for all persons with disabilities.

OP3: After the word “dignity” we recommend adding the word “participation.” The 2030 Agenda is not only about leaving no one behind, but also by the people, for the people, and with the people.

OP4: We recommend broadening the list of barriers and would like to add: institutional, attitudinal, physical, information and communication barriers.

OP6: We recommend adding the word “accessible” after the word “resilient.”

OP16: We recommend adding in the last line after the word “disadvantaged”: “and face barriers to participate in society”

OP20: We would like to see a strong reference to accessibility in this paragraph. 

Thank you.

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