- April 3, 2019

The 4th IDA Programme Committee meeting is taking place in Madrid, Spain from 1-4 April, 2019.

Over the four days the Programme Committee will review programmatic developments, discuss the IDA Strategic Framework for 2020-2023 currently under formulation.

On Days 3 - 4 of the IDA Programme Committee, we welcome representatives from the International Disability and Development Consortium members, and with the Disability Rights Fund, to review and discuss strategic collaborations between DPOs and development partners towards achieving the SDGs for all persons with disabilities. Discussions will include an overview of the current IDDC strategy and IDA strategy, brief review of collaboration between IDA and IDDC, and also on the outcomes of the last meeting between the Programme Committee and IDDC members in Beirut in 2018. The meeting will have a ‘marketplace’ style interaction, where participants will have the opportunity to learn more about each other’s work and avenues for engagement.

The Programme Committee was set up in 2017 under the DFID Disability Catalyst programme to provide programmatic and operational guidance to the collective work of the International Disability Alliance.

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