June 19, 2018 to June 27, 2018

The 5th World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB) General Assembly and 11th Helen Keller World Conference is taking place in Benidorm, Spain on the 19-27 June 2018. 

--> Read the interviews of: Geir Jensen, WFDB president; Klas Nelfelt, WFDB Vice-president; Irene McMinn, WFDB board member; and Puspa Raj Rimal, WFDB board member.

This event is composed by several events, as already mentioned: the General Assembly of the WFDB on the 20-21 June, where around 220 participated; the “No One Left Behind (NOLB)” on the 22 June, with 220 participants; and the HKWC on the 24-25-26 June with 350 to 470 attendees. The measure of this event and the ambitious objectives clearly reflect the slogan of the conference: “Our rights; Our voice; We lead the way!”

The Conference was hosted and co-organised by FASOCIDE – Federación de Asociaciones de Personas Sordociegas de España (Spanish Federation of Associations of Deafblind People) and WFDB, with technical support from IDA. The events were made possible by financial support from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, UK AID, and Fundación ONCE.

What is the World Federation of the DeafBlind (WFDB)?
The World Federation of the DeafBlind (WFDB) is a non-profit, representative organization of national organizations or groups of deafblind persons and of deafblind individuals worldwide. The aim of WFDB is to be a forum of exchange of knowledge and experiences amongst deafblind persons and to obtain inclusion and full participation of deafblind persons in all areas of society.

WFDB is a member of the International Disability Alliance (IDA), and the President of WFDB, Geir Jensen,is also a member of the IDA board. Visit the WFDB's website: www.wfdb.eu

What is the Helen Keller World Conference? 
The Helen Keller World Conferences (HKWC) provides opportunities for persons with deafblindness to have their own forum to learn from others with own personal experiences of deafblindness and to self-have the possibility to share own experiences. The webcast of the HKWC 2018, 24 to 27 June, with live captioning and sign language interpretation is available live at this page.

Read more about the Helen Keller World Conferences and its aims and achievements on the WFDB website, at this page.

Opening Session of the 11th Helen Keller World Conference

Follow the conference through Twitter at the IDA and FASOCIDE pages, using the hashtags: #Deafblind (as a permanent hashtag) and #HKWC2018, for the Helen Keller World Conference (24 to 27 June).

tactile sign language interpretation

The recently elected board member of the World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB), Puspa Raj Rimal, was during the WFDB General Assembly and the Helen Keller World Conference (HKWC), in...

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