- June 7, 2018

We are delighted to announce that Ana Peláez Narváez, Vice-President of the European Disability Forum, was elected today to the U.N. Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

This marks a historical moment for both the disability and women’s empowerment movements, as Ms Peláez is the first woman with a disability to serve on the CEDAW Committee in its 37-year history.

Ms Peláez brings to the CEDAW Committee her extensive expertise working in the United Nations human rights system as a two-term CRPD Committee expert and participated in the official Spanish delegation that took part in the final drafting phase of the U.N Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. She has been a champion for women’s rights for more than 20 years, advising governments, civil society and other organisations.

With one in five women (19% of women globally) identifying as having a disability, women and girls with disabilities are a significant population whose priorities have been historically excluded from both disability and gender discussions. The election of Ms Peláez signifies a new era where the rights of women and girls with disabilities are prioritized and discussions on the rights of persons with disabilities are increasingly mainstreamed throughout the UN system.

Our sincerest congratulations to Ms. Ana Peláez!

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