- September 16, 2021

On 14 September 2021, the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities closed its 25th session. Due to the current context, this was the third virtual session of the Committee and second in which it undertook online reviews and adopted concluding observations, in this case of Djibouti and France. During the session, the Committee also moved forward with its work towards a general comment on Article 27 of the CRPD (work and employment) and its guidelines on deinstitutionalization.

In the lead up and during the session, the International Disability Alliance, together with its member the European Disability Forum (EDF), provided advice and support to ten French organizations of persons with disabilities, including the Conseil Français des personnes Handicapées pour les questions Européennes pour les affaires Européennes et internationales (CFHE), member of the EDF, and other coalitions and organizations, in the development of their submissions for the session.

At the closing session, the Committee indicated it had also adopted four individual communications under the Optional Protocol to the CRPD. It also mentioned that it adopted two documents that will be published soon:

  • Its draft General Comment no 8 on Article 27, which will be subject to consultation.
  • Its annotated outline of its guidelines on deinstitutionalization, which announces the forthcoming draft later this year, which will be subject to consultation. 

More news and details will come soon. For now, IDA congratulates the CRPD Committee for having undertaken another successful virtual session, despite the highly difficult context in which it has to operate.  

For more information and to download the public documents of the session, please visit the CRPD Committee website.

All public meetings of the Committee, including the State Party reviews, were webcast live on UNTV and have been archived for subsequent viewing here (scroll down to Treaty Bodies and then click on CRPD Committee).

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