- April 15, 2022

Data is critical for the realization of the rights of persons with disabilities. Without it, marginalization is perpetuated, and the discrimination encountered by persons with disabilities around thw world remains unaddressed.

Historically, insufficient data has resulted in inadequate planning and budgeting for reasonable accommodations and, overall, ineffective policymaking. Evidence-based data on persons with disabilities at the national and global levels are essential to identify the gaps and challenges experienced by persons with disabilities, and help policymakers to address them.

The goal of the Disability Data Advocacy Toolkit is to contribute to the growing global dialogue on the importance of data on persons with disabilities, providing basic knowledge on data collection, analysis, and use of data for evidenced-based advocacy. The toolkit aims at building the capacity of persons with disabilities and their representative organizations around the world, by offering simple approaches to essential afvocacy skillsets that could benefit all persons with disabilities, particularly those underrepresented and in more impoverished regions. 

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