- June 6, 2024

On May 14th, the Geneva Human Rights Platform, in co-operation with TB-NET, the International Disability Alliance and GQUAL, organised an online event to enhance transparency in the nomination and election process of Treaty Body Members. 

The event provided the nominated candidates an opportunity to present themselves in an informal venue open to State representatives and civil society, addressing their candidacy in view of the requirements set out for membership by the treaty and relevant official documents, and to reply to questions shared beforehand and during the event by civil society representatives. 

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The candidates were asked questions in three parts. Below are the videos of each segment of the event.

The first question set covered general questions including motivation, independence, and the process for nomination at the national level. 

 1. Kindly introduce yourself and inform us of your motivation to apply for membership in the CRPD committee. 

2. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities provides that Committee experts/members be independent. Do you currently hold, or have you previously held, any position with or on behalf of your Government (Executive branch)? And could you please detail how you fulfil the criteria of independence and impartiality required for TB membership? 

3. Was the nomination process for your candidacy a transparent and participatory process? Were civil society, academia or the National Human Rights Institution involved? 

Find the video here.

The second question set focused on specific questions related to the CRPD, addressing the challenges ahead for better understanding and implementation by States and identifying themes that require more guidance.

1. As you know, the main function of the CRPD Committee is to undertake reviews of States reports on CRPD implementation and adopt Concluding Observations with recommendations. A number of State reviews, even second reviews, have shown limited understanding of the human rights model of disability and specific CRPD standards and limited advancements in CRPD implementation by States. In your opinion, what are the main obstacles and challenges ahead for a better CRPD understanding and implementation by States? If elected, how would your expertise and competencies contribute to combat and overcome those obstacles?  

2. As you know, the CRPD Committee has already adopted 8 general comments and is working on a general comment no.9 related to article 11 of the CRPD. If elected, and given the current development and implementation of CRPD standards, which topic or topics you believe should be addressed by another future general comment? Please explain the rationale of your suggestion. 

Find the video here.

The third question set consisted of questions submitted by the audience during the webinar.

1. Article 34(4) of the CRPD establishes criteria for the overall membership of the Committee, including balanced gender representation, equitable geographical distribution and participation of candidates with disabilities and participation of experts with disabilities. From your point of view, how is balanced gender representation, as well as diversity of backgrounds, relevant for the membership of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and to its mandate and its concrete work? Following your reply to that, please explain how your profile and expertise contribute then to fulfilling article 34(4) CRPD? 

2. How do the candidates understand the concept of intersectionality? Do they view the Committee’s mandate to include multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination faced by persons with disabilities? If so, how would they include intersectionality in their work in the Committee? 

3. The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) is aiming to see a General Comment on the rights of deaf people to use sign languages adopted by the CRPD Committee. The rights of deaf people to use their most natural languages, namely national sign languages, is a cross-cutting issue encompassing several articles of the CRPD and is crucial to enable the inclusion and participation of deaf people in their societies. As a CRPD Committee member, would you endorse the adoption of a General Comment on the rights to sign languages of deaf people and commit to working with the WFD at every stage of its process until approval? 

Find the full video here.