- December 10, 2021

WeThe15, the campaign launched in August 2021 aspiring to be the biggest human rights movement to represent the world’s 1.2 billion persons with disabilities, has won a major European public relations award.

The campaign, launched by a coalition of international organisations and spearheaded by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and International Disability Alliance (IDA), won the best Purpose Driven Communications Campaign on 10 December at the 2021 European PR Excellence Awards.

"The International Disability Alliance is proud and honoured to spearhead with International Paralympic Committee a fantastic coalition of organizations that produced the first phase of the WeThe15 campaign.

Winning the European PR Excellence Award for Best Purpose Driven Campaign is a wonderful confirmation of the need, purpose and initial success of this campaign. This campaign is simply tasked to change the narrative of the general population towards disability – very simply to say in words but very difficult to do. We have an incredible and committed pool of international organisations, amazing teams of people at IPC and IDA and 10 years ahead of us. We will achieve our objective because we have no other option. We would like to invite you all to join us on this exciting journey," said Vladimir Cuk, Executive Director, IDA.

Full statement first published here.