- December 14, 2018

From 13-19 December, 2018, Cairo, Egypt is hosting the regional Bridge CRPD-SDGs training programme for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in Arabic.

This is the first ever Bridge training initiative in this region and is being organised by the Arab Organisation of Persons with Disabilities (AOPD), with the support of the International Disability Alliance (IDA), the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) and their members, in particular CBM and ADD International;  and funded by AOPD, CBM,  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland (MOFA), DRAF, and IDA-CBM-HI Project on the Inclusive Humanitarian Action for Persons with Disabilities.

The Bridge CRPD-SDGs aims to support organisations of persons with disabilities (DPOs) and disability rights advocates to develop an inclusive (all persons with disabilities) and comprehensive (all human rights) CRPD perspective on development, including the Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This will reinforce their advocacy for inclusion and realisation of rights of persons with disabilities.

The 30 participants representing DPOs from nine countries of the region, bring with them a wide range of experience and include persons with intellectual disabilities, deaf-blindness, cerebral palsy, albinism, physical disabilities, visual and hearing impairments. The agenda includes detailed analysis and examination of the key concepts of the CRPD and an introduction to the SDGs. The training programme will also put particular focus on human rights and development issues that resonate strongly with the challenges faced by persons with disabilities in the region.

It is noteworthy that this Bridge CRPD-SDGs MENA region programme will have a special focus on Article 11 of the CRPD on situation of risks and humanitarian emergencies. Additionally, it will also highlight employment and livelihoods issues in line with DFID’s new programme on  Disability Inclusive Development (DiD) which has Jordan as one of the programme countries.  

The first day opened with an inspiring message from Dr. Nawaf Kabbara, on behalf of AOPD, recalling the importance of having a Bridge CRPD-SDGs Training Initiative in the MENA region. He also highlighted that several countries from the region have ratified the CRPD but are still behind on its implementation. Dr. Kabbara reminded the group that situations of risk and humanitarian emergencies (Article 11) have a particular importance and impact in the region. He concluded his remarks by recognising the importance of the region being represented in the IDA membership and called all participants to be inclusive during the intensive training and to remember that all human rights are for all persons. 

A unique facet of the Bridge CRPD-SDGs training initiative is that the principles of accessibility and inclusion ae not just intrinsic to the content, but the entire programme is delivered in an inclusive manner where the diversity of ALL participants is respected. 


Trainers & Facilitators
The facilitation team is comprised of Dr. Nawaf Kabbara (AOPD), Jahda Abou Khalil (AOPD),   Imededdine Ouertani (Bridge Consultant), Alradi Abdalla (ADD International), Hend Al-Showeir (WFD), Manel Mhiri (II) and Tchaurea Fleury (Bridge CRPD-SDGs Coordinator) 

Preparatory Meetings
On 11 and 12 December, 2018 preparatory meetings of the facilitation team were held in order to ensure a smooth delivery of the programme, particularly on using tools of inclusive facilitation. Additionally, on 12 December, 2018 participants from underrepresented groups met with the facilitation team and the assigned resource person for each group.

At the end of the first day, the daily evaluation of participants and the “moodometer” showed a very positive feedback on this regional Bridge.

Read more information on the Bridge CRPD-SDGs Training Initiative. 

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