Commit resources to support strengthened disability data
Motivation commits to establishing at least two new partnerships with academic institutions to gather robust data and make a compelling case to multi-stakeholders on the role of quality assistive technology and service delivery on disability inclusion.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
We will do this in the next 12 months as part of our new Strategic Plan, 2018-2020.

Sign up to the Inclusive Data Charter
Motivation commits to ensuring a stronger focus on evidence and learning within all Motivation commits to signing up to the new Inclusive Data Charter and develop an programmes using, where relevant, the Washington Group questions and social Inclusive Data Action Plan with strong actions on disability data. Impact measures (for example in our peer-to-peer work).

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
We will sign up immediately and develop the action plan over the next six months. We will do this over the life of our new Strategic Plan, 2018-2020.

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Motivation Charitable Trust

Without a wheelchair, millions of disabled people in the developing world can’t leave their homes, go to school or find employment. Many feel isolated from their friends and family.

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