Policy, legislation and its implementation

  1. Enact the Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2018 and the Mental Health Bill, 2014
  2. Review the National Policy on Disability 2006, and develop a costed National Plan of Action and fund its implementation
  3. Develop and implement a National roll-out plan for the Community Based Rehabilitation Program 

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: All the above are to be implemented by 2020.

Additional commitments under this theme.        

  1. Fully integrate the Washington Group Questions in the national statistical system, produce and disseminate National Survey Reports with disability disaggregated data.
  2. Strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development; the National Council for Disability, Equal Opportunities Commission and the Human Rights Commission to effectively coordinate and monitor disability inclusion in policy and programming across sectors.
  3. Strengthen integration of disability in systems of assessing, registering, delivering and monitoring of refugee response

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