Policy, legislation and its implementation
We will publish a new Disability Framework later in 2018 setting out how we will put disability at the heart of our work.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
We will consult on the new Framework and publish by the end of 2018.

Policy, legislation and its implementation
A new policy position on children and young people with disabilities in institutions:

In line with the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care for Children, the UK government recognises that institutionalisation harms children’s physical, emotional and psychological development. Children with disabilities, including physical, psychosocial and intellectual disabilities, are often the first to be placed in institutional care, the last to leave, suffer the most as a consequence, and often end up being forgotten by society once institutionalised. In line with our international treaty obligations, including but not limited to the ECHR, UNCRC (and optional protocols) and UNCRPD, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we are committed to ensuring all children realise their right to family care and that no child is left behind. The UK government will continue to tackle the underlying drivers of institutionalisation and work towards the long term process of de-institutionalisation. The UK is supportive of inclusive community services for all children and the promotion of family and community-based care, together with individually tailored services for children with disabilities.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
DFID will be working with civil society and other stakeholders to explore the current landscape of child protection systems and to scope out entry points to tackle systemic issues, addressing the failures that lead to institutionalisation in the first place. In the short term, we will convene a working group on these issues. We will continue to support the work that civil society does leading directly on the deinstitutionalisation process on the ground

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