Representation and empowerment of persons with disabilities
HelpAge International commits to action to eliminate age, disability and gender discrimination through ensuring that the voices and experiences of older women and men with disabilities are included in our advocacy and campaigning strategies and heard by decision-makers. We will support older people with disabilities to know about and claim their rights; and promote recognition and understanding of the rights of older persons with disabilities among development and humanitarian decision-makers at global, regional, national levels.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan 
Over the course of our Business Plan timeframe 2018 – 2020, we will promote implementation of global advocacy and campaigning guidance on ageing, disability and gender in collaboration with HelpAge regional hubs and network members; incorporate the voices and experiences of older people with disabilities in our participation in the WHO-led global campaign on ageism; and expand capacity-building activities in LMICs with older people with disabilities, including rolling out the Humanitarian Inclusion Standards.

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