Policy, legislation and its implementation
Leonard Cheshire commits to providing research and data on CRPD-compliant legislation, policy and long-term action plans, and supporting DPOs to participate in accountability processes, globally and in countries where it has active involvement – and with investment in action needed to monitor their implementation. Leonard Cheshire will support DPOs to monitor SDG implementation in at least three countries, and will train youth with disabilities as citizen reporters to monitor progress towards selected disability specific SDGs. 

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
Leonard Cheshire will work with DPOs to support CRPD compliant policies and legislation on an ongoing basis. By 2020, Leonard Cheshire will provide research and share insight on how DPOs use indicator frameworks to monitor SDG implementation in at least 3 countries. Leonard Cheshire will also provide learnings and insight into how youth with disabilities engage in SDG monitoring and implementation processes in at least three countries.

Representation and empowerment of persons with disabilities
Leonard Cheshire commits to the supporting the representation and empowerment of persons with disabilities, particularly people affected by the intersection of gender, age, poverty and disability by working with DPOs and ensuring that persons with disabilities are at the heart of development processes

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
By 2020, Leonard Cheshire will have generated a pool of trained citizen reporters in at least 3 countries to monitor SDG implementation; partnered with national DPOs to strengthen their participation in national accountability processes; strengthened capacity of DPOs to conduct and use research, and participate in accountability processes.

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