Policy legislation and its implementation 
VSO is committed to implementing the UNCRPD wherever we work and to upholding the philosophy “nothing – about – us - without - us”. VSO’s own position paper on promoting inclusion of disability drives our approach towards inclusion across the organisation and its programming. 

Representation and empowerment of persons with disabilities VSO’s people first framework ensures people with disabilities, and especially women with disabilities, are at the centre of the planning, designing and implementation of our programmes. Social exclusion and gender analysis across our portfolio informs our programming design to ensure inclusion of marginalised groups. VSO is committed to working with DPOs to strengthen their agency, rights and participation in development processes. 

Stereotypes attitudes and behaviours 
VSO takes a zero tolerance approach to discrimination and we strive to promote equality for all. We are committed to raising awareness and understanding of disability, social inclusion and gender amongst staff and volunteers. VSO systematically trains all staff and volunteers on the key concepts of discrimination, inequality, injustice and exclusion. So far 70% of staff and 230 volunteers have received this training. We aim to increase this to 80% over the next 2 years and to embed inclusion training in the induction of all volunteers.

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