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Digital Literacy Trust (DLT), a public-private partnership in Kenya, commits to making accessible, Kenyan early-grade reading materials available in the Global Digital Library for use in Kenyan schools to support inclusive and quality education. We further commit to measuring utilization and impact of these materials for learners with disabilities, harnessing technology to drive down cost and increase the quality of education, sustainably and at scale, under Kenya’s new Inclusive Education policy launched 25th May 2018.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: In 2018, with Kenya Ministry of Education, UNICEF, and All Children Reading—a partnership of USAID, World Vision, and the Australian Government, and Pearson’s Project Literacy, DLT will deliver 50 quality early-grade reading books, adapted in digital form for learners with disabilities, to NORAD’s Global Digital Library. In 2019-20, DLT will deliver and measure impact of these accessible learning materials for more than 10,000 learners in Kenya’s special needs and integrated schools.

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Digital Literacy Trust

Digital Literacy Trust (DLT) is a partnership formed to harness financial and in-kind support from public and private actors with a stake in African education going digital—sustainably and at large

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