Government Commitment towards inclusive education should include building the capacity of Teachers other than educational Staff to be able to handle student/pupil’s with Special needs such as children with epilepsy, special attention, attention deficit disorders, and those with common mental disorders such as depressions in schools.We expect Government to commit through the relevant agencies to provide in-service trainings to Teachers and Educational Staff on issues of disability. Through the relevant agencies of Government, we expect increased in awareness creation on inclusive educations by way of helping parents and people with disabilities have access to education. Government should also ensure that schools are disability friendly so as to accommodate all categories of people. Government should empower Special Education Development (SPED) Coordinators, School Health Education Programme (SHEP) Coordinators and Guidance and Counselling Coordinators so that they would continue to support children with disabilities in their studies. Government should also work towards Making Special education part and parcel of the GES curriculum. Government should continue to liase with non-state actors working in areas of disability  to effectively sensitize the populace on disability issues so as to disabuse their minds towards their conditions. This would also contribute to efforts of reducing stigma and discrimination.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: December, 2019. Activitieswill include our engagement with government through the Ministry of Education and Ghana health Service, our engagement with the local authorities and the general public through drummer and Durbars to increase awareness. We shall also form partnerships with the Media to promote awareness creation jingles and adverts on inclusive education.      

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