Inclusive education sector plans
To ensure that inclusive education has been inclusively achieved in the state. a State Level DFID programme known as Mobilising for Development (M4D) has supported our course thereby encouraging other public sectors to become disability conscious in terms of planning and budgeting, consequent upon that a State Wide Sectorial Community Based Rehabilitation Framework  (CBR) has been developed and implementation is already seeing the light of the day. Positive changes manifest through various disability programmes. 

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
An Example of EDUCATION SECTOR CBR 2018 OBJ: Free, functional and qualitative education made accessible to PWDs and their dependents at all levels. SPECIFIC TARGET  =Increase 10% of PWDs and their dependents of school age enrolled into  inclusive schools. STRATEGY Create awareness for parents of PWDs, PWDs themselves & School Based Management  Committees (SBMCs) on the importance of enrolling PWDs of school age into schools. Time Frame 2018   

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Jigawa State Rehabilitation Board

Jigawa State was created on Tuesday August 27, 1991, when the Federal Military Government under the General Ibrahim Babangida announced the creation of nine additional states in the country bringin