The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries. We work with our partners to strengthen the capabilities of governments and the private sector to create and sustain high-quality health systems that can succeed without our assistance.

CHAI was founded in 2002 with a transformational goal: help save the lives of millions of people living with HIV/AIDS. Today, along with HIV, we work with partners to prevent and treat malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and cancer, accelerate the rollout of lifesaving vaccines, reduce maternal, infant and child mortality, combat chronic malnutrition, and strengthen health systems. We operate in over 30 countries around the world and more than 80 countries have access to CHAI-negotiated deals on medications, diagnostics, vaccines, and other health tools.


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In collaboration with the Global Disability Innovation Hub, and with the support of DfID, CHAI will apply its experience with market shaping for health commodities in order to help develop a market shaping plan to increase access to assistive technologies in low and middle income countries. This plan will draw from detailed research, evidence from target countries, and market shaping best practices to guide how to achieve a sustainable supply of affordable and quality assistive technologies.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
CHAI began initial scoping work in March 2018, and will work towards finalizing the market shaping plan in 2019. As quick win opportunities for market shaping or evidence generation are identified, CHAI will collaborate with the Global Partnership for Assistive Technologies in order to channel resources towards these opportunities and incorporate findings into the market shaping plan.

Theme: Harnessing Technology and Innovation
Year: 2018