The Ford Foundation is a globally oriented private foundation with the mission of advancing human welfare. The foundation makes grants through its headquarters and ten international field offices. 

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Policy, legislation and its implementation
Ford will contribute to supporting the work of NGOs to ensure that the CRPD is implemented and that the Sustainable Development Goals include people with disabilities.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: 2018-2019 grantmaking to both disability-specific organizations, as well as mainstream organizations addressing the rights and priorities of people with disabilities.

Representation and empowerment of persons with disabilities
Ford’s grantmaking in the United States will seek to ensure that the voices of people with disabilities directly inform donor priorities through the establishment of a Disability Justice Fund that brings donors and activists together to make grant decisions.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: Work to develop a collaborative fund will start in late summer through the fall and early 2019 to develop a process, structure and focus of a $2 million fund.

Theme: Eliminate Stigma and Discrimination
Year: 2018

Policy and Guidance
Support work to ensure that standards and policies related to the internet include and address the needs of people with disabilities.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: 2018-2019

Theme: Harnessing Technology and Innovation
Year: 2018

As the Ford Foundation develops a new global strategy focused on the rights of women and girls, it will:

  • Ensure that women with disabilities have greater influence in shaping laws, policies and narratives around what it means to be a woman facing multiple forms of discrimination impacting on their ability to have control over their bodies.
  • Support women’s rights institutions, movement and networks to better address multiple intersecting dimensions of discrimination – including disability – supporting coalitions that include women with disabilities.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: 2018-2020

Theme: Women and Girls with Disabilities
Year: 2018