Representation and empowerment of persons with disabilities
All types and degrees of persons with disabilities should enjoy the life with full dignity and respect. For this state should implement the UNCRPD in full phase. Anti-Discrimination law should be developed. Independent Living Law with social security services, personnal Assistant Services 24 hours a day, assistive devices and technologies, housing and accommodation are key issues to be addressed.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan
Advocacy to the stakeholders is going continuesly. It needs more support to give pressure to the stakeholders. 

Theme: Eliminate Stigma and Discrimination
Year: 2018

Accessible transport and infrastructure
Transportation and Infrastrecture law should be reviewed and develop according to the spirit of UNCRPD. Law will enforce stakeholders to make accessible transportation and infrasturecture. It will create many possibilities and opportunities to bring peers outside. It will help peers in economic empowerment.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: 
This is major issue of my organization. My organization will do this job within 5 years.

Theme: Routes to Economic Empowerment
Year: 2018

New programmes or services
My organization has commitment to establish Assistive and Technnology Center at Lalitpur Metropolitan city. The center will do repair and maintainace of assistive devices and will produce wheelchairs and other necessary products.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: It will start from this year 2018.

Theme: Harnessing Technology and Innovation
Year: 2018