What does the International Federation of L’Arche communities do?
The Federation represents its members on a global level. It also supports communities, through leadership structures, training, administrative or financial assistance depending on the local needs. Through meetings and other means the Federation facilitates the sharing of experiences and resources.

We strive for unity in our diversity
From one continent to another the same inspiration brings to life the spirituality of our communities. This is a spirit of encounter, listening and empathy and solidarity.

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Stereotypes, attitudes and behaviours
As we have done for the over 50 years, L'Arche is committed to continuing to raise the positive profile of women and men with intellectual disabilities in each of the 35 countries we are present in, through providing each person we support with diverse opportunities for self-expression, and developing their individual talents to the full, so that they can really shine and so open up the attitudes of their society to welcome the vulnerable people in our midst.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: Ongoing.

Theme: Eliminate Stigma and Discrimination
Year: 2018

Skills development for decent work
L'Arche is committed to enabling each person with an intellectual disability we support to take up meaningful work, where appropriate, and fully enjoy the rewards this brings. For people who are retired, or otherwise unable to work, we are committed to ensuring a wide variety of opportunities for creativity and social interaction, so that each person feels fully included as a valued contributor to the common good.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: This is ongoing throughout L'Arche.

Theme: Routes to Economic Empowerment
Year: 2018

L'Arche is very aware of the additional social disadvantages that can affect women and girls with an intellectual disability, and is committed to enabling each to take their rightful place in their society.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: This is ongoing.

Theme: Women and Girls with Disabilities
Year: 2018

L'Arche, for over 40 years, has operated in some of the most economically disadvantaged countries in the world, which gives direct experience of how conflicts, earthquakes, floods and civil unrest have a direct and disproportionate impact on the lives of vulnerable men and women with intellectual disabilities. In such places, when disaster comes, the people with disabilities we support are as affected as anyone else, and we often become a focal point for local disabled people as well, because we are a trusted agency. We are committed to continuing this support.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: Ongoing.

Theme: Conflict and Humanitarian Contexts
Year: 2018

L'Arche engages with a wide variety of religious traditions in the countries where we are present, in order to influence faith leaders as regards a positive approach to people with an intellectual disability.

Theme: Other
Year: 2018