Policy, legislation and its implementation
Support people of  disabilities by implementation of National development policy 2018-2022. This a commitment by our Government through ministry of Labour and social affairs to eliminate stigma and discrimination in general focusing on the category of disabilities. There is also a support from NGO and international organizations and a collaboration and coherence between our ministry and other related ministries. There is also an annual policy aims to implement its goals in context of the National Development Policy 2018-2022 which consists of the following Goals:

  1. Reduse the percentage of people of special needs and disabilities;
  2. Improve services institutions level that provided to people of disabilities;
  3. Expand the awareness and community participation to educate people of disabilies in primary and elementary schools. 

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: To be accomplished yearly.

Theme: Eliminate Stigma and Discrimination
Year: 2018

Inclusive education sector plans

  1. No one left behind. It is our ministry’s obligation to cover this category fully in inclusive education by:
  2. Having plans of education sector in cooperation with ministry of education;
  3. Inclusive education and rehabilitation and empowerment to people of disabilities in the specialized institution for this purpose in the national governorates;
  4. Secure the requirements and needs for proper education to all kinds of disabilities.  

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: To be accomplished  yearly.

Theme: Inclusive Education
Year: 2018

Inclusive social protection systems
Continuality activate our law No. 11, 2014 of social protection and law No.38, 2013. People of special needs and disabilities covered in monthly subsides provided according to social protection law and also provide job opportunities and loans for unemployed.  

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: To be accomplished yearly. 

Theme: Routes to Economic Empowerment
Year: 2018

Policy and guidance
Technology for skills and education. The ministry seeks to implement knowledge systems to achieve scientific goals and purposes in favour of people of disabilities. It also works to increase the competency of them by using practices and equipments in methods of education, training and rehabilitation, in the following ways:
Talkative system for these people and using Peril language intyping the curriculum:

  1. Using the sound curriculum for the blinds;
  2. Using programs of education and sign languages to hearing disability by using sight program;
  3. Using smart boards.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: To be accomplished yearly.

Theme: Harnessing Technology and Innovation
Year: 2018

Commit resources to support strengthened disability data
The body of people of disabilities is obligated to establish a data base for people of disabilities.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: To be established.

Theme: Data Disaggregation
Year: 2018

Directorate of women Care is responsible ,along with Body of people of disabilities, of covering women and girls of social and employment services as follows:

  1. Women empowerment and rehabilitation;
  2. Providing loans that secure proper incomes;
  3. Education according to law No.126 <1980;
  4. Job opportunities adequate with their disability whether in public sector (5%)or private sector (3%). 

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: To be accomplished yearly.

Theme: Women and Girls with Disabilities
Year: 2018

Awareness of society 
Our priorities is to make the society be aware of:

  1. Necessity of providing different kinds of support and care to this category in coherence with their disability;
  2. Transforming society view towards the disable as he is not a stigma;
  3. Qualify the environment to be adequate with them;
  4. Tax exemptions;
  5. Obtaining vehicles according to their disability;
  6. Providing the equipments like :hearing ,chairs etc.;
  7. Discount for transportation tickets and securing the needed equipments during the travel.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: To be accomplished yearly.

Theme: Conflict and Humanitarian Contexts
Year: 2018