Young people have the power to solve the challenges we face in our world, but they are being ignored and overlooked.

What we do: We work with young people so that they can lead in solving those challenges. Whether that means supporting communities to end child marriage or prevent HIV, we work with young people to change their lives and the lives of people in their communities.

We are run out of hubs in ten countries across Africa, Asia and in the UK and USA, with a wider network of partners across the world. We have been working with young people since 1985 and our work is led by thousands of young volunteers and advocates every year. 

What we want: Young people have powerful voices. We are here to make sure their voices are heard.

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Restless Development joins with our civil society colleagues in committing to the following Disability Inclusion Principles:

  1. Raising the prioritisation of disability inclusion within your organisation;
  2. Strengthening meaningful partnerships with disabled persons organisations (DPOs);
  3. Developing specific provisions to include the most marginalised in society, particularly women and girls with disabilities and those of all ages;
  4. Collecting rigorous, reliable and comparable data on disability and improving the evidence base on what works;
  5. Mainstreaming disability inclusion into all aspects of our programming;
  6. Making physical and virtual environments, as well as human resources, fully accessible.

Timeframe and/or implementation plan: N/A.

Theme: Other
Year: 2018