Kentalis International Foundation is the international project office of the Royal Kentalis. We operate as a knowledge broker, linking expertise to the specific needs of our partners. In long-term project cooperation or in short-term engagements.

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Capacity building: teachers and staff
Kentalis is committed for the coming five years to supporting universities and DPOs by training professional staff in innovative teaching methods (ECE, primary, secondary) for inclusive quality education for children who are deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind. Kentalis invests in sustainably improving academic infrastructure for the profession of hearing care technician. We do this in a limited number of African countries, investing our (wo)manpower through CSR and depending on external sources of funding.

Professional training of Deaf adults in providing workshops for (hearing) parents on the importance of  ECD and education in Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda and roll-out of the program to rural areas:

  • Early Literacy teaching method for primary school teachers in Tanzania, Uganda
  • BA teacher training in inclusive education of deaf learners in secondary schools in Tanzania, Uganda
  • Establishing Hearing Care Technician academic diploma in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia.
  • Regional exchange on deaf education in Africa – Academic conference.



Theme: Inclusive Education
Year: 2018