The 2018 Global Disability Summit in London was intended to start a new wave in the disability rights movement. The impact already felt, and the likely impact of the delivery of further commitments remain exciting and transformative. With the planning for a second Global Disability Summit already underway, the GDS+2 Years report is a timely resource, to inform not only important aspects of its planning, but also the national and regional consultations with organizations of persons with disabilities that will inform the next Summit’s themes, priorities and preparations. In total, 20 workshops are planned across all regions of the world.

The GDS+2 Years report provides critical information on the progress made by national governments, multilateral agencies, donors, foundations, private sector and civil society organisations in the almost 1000 commitments adopted in 2018. The numerous examples and case studies included indicate the breadth of work that the GDS process contributed to galvanise. Those examples include the adoption of the OECD-DAC Disability marker by national development agencies such as Australia’s DFAT, Sweden’s SIDA and Canada’s GAC, and UNICEF’s success in implementing programmes that are inclusive of children with disabilities in 53 countries, far-surpassing its original target of 35 countries, among many others.

Blog Post on the Launch of the GDS +2 Years Report to be found HERE.