- April 1, 2021

Geneva, 1 April 2021 – The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities closes its 24th Session (8th March – 1st April) 

Today, the CRPD Committee closed its 24th session. During this session, the Committee held its first-ever online constructive dialogue with and adopted concluding observations on Estonia. The documents adopted during the sessions, as well as statements delivered in the opening (March 8th) and closing (April 1st), will be available here.

During the 24th session, the CRPD Committee has also: 

- Renewed its bureau, now composed by Ms Rosemary Kayess (Chair), Mr Jonas Ruškus (Vice-Chair), Ms Amalia Gamio Ríos (Vice-Chair), Miyeon Kim (Vice-Chair) and Ms Odelia Fitoussi (Rapporteur).

- Held a Day of General Discussion on Article 27 of the CRPD (work and employment) in the lead up to preparing and adopting a general comment on the subject. 

At its formal closing, the Committee made the following announcements on decisions taken during the 24th session: 

1. The Committee adopted concluding observations in relation to the initial report of Estonia (not published yet).

2.  The Committee adopted views on 3 individual communications under the Optional Protocol to the CRPD (not published yet).

3. The Committee considered issues related to inquiry procedures under the Optional Protocol to the CRPD.

4. The Committee decided that its working languages will be English, French and Spanish. 

5. The Committee decided to continue its work towards the general comment on article 27 of the CRPD (Work and Employment), including by dedicating 2 meetings to discuss with interested parties.

6. The Committee decided to continue the cooperation with the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the UN Special Envoy on Disability and Accessibility to address the issue of the Draft Additional Protocol to the Oviedo Convention.     

7.  The Committee decided to hold its 25th session in person from August 15 to September 10th (subject to confirmation) and to hold constructive dialogues with Bangladesh, Djibouti, France, Jamaica, Japan, Laos and Venezuela. If not possible to hold the session in-person, the Committee will decide on the appropriate course of action.

8. The Committee decided that the 15th PSWG will take place from 13 September to 17, only if meetings are held in person. The countries involved will be determined in due course. 

9. Adopted its report of the session and its biennial report to the UN General Assembly and the UN Economic and Social Council. 

Archived webcasts

All public meetings of the Committee including the State party review were webcast live by UNTV have been archived for subsequent viewing at - scroll down to Treaty bodies and then click on CRPD Committee.

For more information on the 24th session, please visit the Committee’s session website.

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