- June 12, 2018

CRPD Committee Elections at the 11th CoSP
New York

Today 12 June 2018, the elections for 9 seats for the CRPD Committee took place on the first day of the 11th Conference of States Parties to the CRPD.

IDA congratulates the re-elected and newly elected candidates, whose term will begin in 2019. In the first round, the elected candidates were: Ms Rosemary Kayess (Australia), Ms Gertrude Fefoame (Ghana), Mr Jonas Ruskus (Lithuania), Mr Danlami Basharu (Nigeria), Mi Yeon Kim (Republic of Korea) and Markus Schefer (Switzerland). In the second round, the elected candidates were: Ms Mara Gabrilli (Brazil), Ms Risnawati Utami (Indonesia) and Ms Amalia Gamio (Mexico).

Through their votes, States sought to restore the gender balance within the membership of the Committee. IDA celebrates that the results contribute to restore gender balance to move towards gender parity in next elections. The election of the new 6 women and 3 men will lead to a composition of 12 men and 6 women on the CRPD Committee, for the period of 2019 and 2020.

In terms of geographical representation, the representation of the region Latin American and the Caribbean has doubled from 1 member to 2 members for the period 2019 and 2020. The geographical representation of the Committee will consist of:

  • 2 experts from Latin America and the Caribbean,
  • 5 from Africa,
  • 5 from Asia-Pacific,
  • 3 from Eastern Europe, and
  • 3 from Western Europe and other States.

It must be noted that several candidacies have been withdrawn by the nominating States. The final number of candidates was 22, including 13 women and 9 men. Below, you will find the detailed results of the CRPD Committee elections. 

Elections result - 1st round:

176 valid ballots casted: majority 89 votes.

  • KAYESS, Rosemary (AUS): 107 (elected)
  • IFILL, Kerryann (BAR): 77
  • GABRILLI, Mara (BRA): 85
  • YOU, Liang (CHI): 81
  • PARRA, Carlos (COL): 70
  • HAGRASS, Héba (EGY): 62
  • ESCALANTE, Rigoberto (SAL): 55
  • FEFOAME, Gertrude (GHA): 92 (elected)
  • ALDANA, Rosa (GUA): 68
  • UTAMI, Risnawati (IND): 85
  • BORESLY, Rehab Mohammed (KUW): 69      
  • RUŠKUS, Jonas (LIT): 111 (re-elected)
  • DEBATTISTA, Michael (MAL): 36
  • PYANEANDEE, Coomaravel (MAS): 63
  • GAMIO, Amalia (MEX): 79
  • VUJAČIĆ, Marina (MON): 9
  • GORDAY, Maruja (PAN): 23
  • TRAWKOWSKA, Dobroniega (POL): 23
  • BASHARU, Danlami (NIG): 108 (re-elected)
  • KIM, Mi Yeon (ROK): 99 (elected)
  • SCHEFER, Markus (SWI): 104 (elected)
  • PANASYUK, Rayisa (UKR): 11

Elections result – 2nd round:

175 valid ballots casted: majority 88 votes.

  • IFILL, Kerryann (BAR): 77
  • GABRILLI, Mara (BRA): 103 (elected)
  • YOU, Liang (CHI): 77
  • PARRA, Carlos (COL): 63
  • UTAMI, Risnawati (IND): 92 (elected)
  • GAMIO, Amalia (MEX): 90 (elected)

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