- November 5, 2020

Dr. Mohammed Loutfy, representative of the Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities presented in the UN Secretary-General Meeting with Civil Society: Financing for Development in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond on 2 November 2020 under the theme: A New Global Economic Consensus to advance the 2030 Agenda. The presentation called for: 

  • A progressive increase in dedicated public resources to support the full inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families in COVID response and recovery; 
  • Transparent reporting of domestic and international resource allocations for the realization of disability rights; 
  • The adoption and systematic use of the disability marker of the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to measure and monitor financing for disability inclusion; and 
  • Close consultation and active involvement of persons with disabilities and their representative organizations in all efforts related to international cooperation and the planning, implementation and monitoring of COVID-19 response and recovery efforts. 

 Read the full presentation here.


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