Main issues raised by TBs:
  • Discrimination against children with disabilities
  • Need for regular mechanisms for convening consultations with disabled persons’ organizations, thereby ensuring that their opinions are properly taken into consideration
  • Awareness raising: supervise the use of resources by private actors to ensure a positive portrayal of them
  • Recognition of legal capacity, and development of supported decision making, upholding right to liberty across all laws and policies including of persons with psychosocial disabilities- also concerning the right to marry, right to vote, right to free and informed consent, etc.
  • Inclusive education: children not accessing education, in particular indigenous and in rural areas
  • Abandonment and institutionalisation of children with disabilities
  • Violence, exploitation and abuse of children with disabilities, notably girls
  • Forced sterilisation of girls with disabilities, investigating cases and providing remedies
  • Limited access to justice, including the need for procedural accommodation and the need for prompt investigations of cases of violence, abuse, and ill-treatment in institutions
  • Lack of access to health and rehabilitation services
  • ·Need for comprehensive and disaggregated data collection, including measurable indicators