October 3, 2011 - 9:00am

The twelfth session of the Universal Periodic Review took place in Geneva from 3 to 13 October 2011. 

During this session which completed the first cycle of the UPR, there were some major gains towards universal ratification of the CRPD. Countries which accepted to ratify the CRPD during the session include: Antigua and Barbuda, Iceland, Ireland, Swaziland, Timor-Leste, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. Iceland and Venezuela also accepted to ratify the Optional Protocol to the CRPD. States under review also accepted comprehensive recommendations on education, employment, children with disabilities, deinstitutionalization, mobility, and accessibility. Lithuania and Uganda accepted recommendations (from Spain and Mexico, respectively) to ensure the right of persons with disabilities to vote, in line with the CRPD. Thailand made a voluntary commitment to withdraw its interpretative declaration on article 18 of the CRPD. Venezuela made a voluntary commitment to promote the rights of persons with visual impairments including by mass use of Braille.

Countries that will indicate by the 19th session of the Council in March 2012 whether they accept recommendations to ratify the CRPD or its OP include: Antigua and Barbuda (the OP), Ireland (the OP), Moldova (the OP), Tajikistan (the CRPD and its OP), Thailand (the OP), Timor-Leste (the OP), Trinidad and Tobago (the CRPD and its OP), and Zimbabwe (the OP). Syria will indicate by the March 2012 Council session whether it will accept Slovenia’s recommendation to withdraw its reservation on the OP and other human rights treaties. Haiti will indicate by the same session whether it will include accessibility for persons with disabilities in reconstruction, and Ireland will indicate its position on a recommendation on its 2001 Act on Mental Health.

Disability analysis of the UPR reports, IDA recommendations and disability analysis of the draft UPR Working Group reports.

(UPR Working Groups Reports to be reviewed by the Human Rights Council in March 2012)

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