April 22, 2013 - 9:00am

The 16th session of the UPR took place from 22 April to 3 May 2013 in Geneva. 

Some recommendations on the rights of persons with disabilities were, for Bangladesh to: adopt the draft law on protection of persons with disabilities (from Brazil, Kyrgyzstan and Mexico); take necessary measures for effective implementation of the CRPD and its OP, in particular, with regard to employment and education (Tunisia); revise and amend when necessary national legislation to ensure non-discrimination against persons with disabilities in employment and increase employment opportunities for persons with disabilities (Slovakia); and improve access to the electoral system (Venezuela). Germany received recommendations to: lower the unemployment rate of persons with disabilities (Peru), strengthen compliance with the CRPD and implement reasonable accommodation as defined in art. 2 (Spain); extend legal requirements of barrier-free access for persons with disabilities to private entities that provide goods and services to the public (US);  ensure nationwide access to barrier-free protection and support facilities for women with disabilities affected by violence (Austria); and to improve the social inclusion of children and youth with disabilities (Ecuador). Cape Verde accepted Spain´s recommendation to ratify the CRPD-OP; however, Colombia rejected Guatemala´s recommendation to do so.

The DPO-civil society coalition, BRK-Allianz-German CRPD Alliance, which had submitted a report, was present during the session.

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