February 23, 2009 - 9:00am

IDA attended the first meeting of the CRPD Committee and addressed, among others, the members of the CRPD Committee at the session devoted to NGOs. IDA advocated for the meetings of the Committee to be open to NGOs, which was mostly the case.

Many of the IDA suggestions made prior and during the CRPD Committee session were accepted by the CRPD Committee including the holding of a day of general discussion at its second session, to be held in October 2009.

The IDA had made concrete proposals related to the different documents that need to be produced by the CRPD Committee and adopted at their second session to be held in October 2009: rules of procedure, working methods and reporting guidelines, as well as the programme and approach for the Day of General Discussion on article 12 of the CRPD Legal capacity.

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