May 4, 2009 - 11:45am

The 42th Session of the CESCR took place from 4th to 22th May 2009 in Geneva.

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Four State reports out of five reviewed by the CESCR Committee at its 42th session and all of the concluding observations adopted by the Committee included references to persons with disabilities.

Detailed information on these reports.

General Comment

During this session, CESCR adopted a General Comment on non-discrimination that was influenced by IDA. A number of disability-related elements in the draft general comment were either weak or inconsistent with the provisions of the CRPD. Thanks to the written contribution and oral presentation made to the members of the Committee, the final General Comment number 20 was much stronger than the draft version and was consistent with the CRPD.

Detailed information on the disability references in General Comment nº20.

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