November 2, 2009 - 10:00am

The 43rd session of the CESCR Committee took place from the 2nd to 20th of November.

More information on this session.

References to persons with disabilities in state reports, list of issues and written replies.

All Concluding Observations adopted by the CESCR Committee at its 43rd session included references to persons with disabilities. Disability analysis of these Concluding Observations.

General Comment

During this session, CESCR adopted General Comment number 21 on Right of everyone to take part in cultural life. It includes a short section on persons with disabilities which quotes sections of the CRPD.

Pre-Sessional Working Group

The 43rd Pre-Sessional Working Group of the CESCR Committee took place from 23rd to 26th November.

More information on this Pre-Sessional Working Group.

The working Group considered reports from Uruguay, Afghanistan, Netherlands, Switzerland and Dominican Republic. Disability analysis of state reports and list of issues. IDA prepared a document with suggested questions for the list of issues, some of this questions have influenced the list of issues of reviewed States such as Uruguay, Switzerland or Dominican Republic.

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