November 1, 2010 - 10:00am

The CESCR Committee held its 45th session from 1 – 19 November in Geneva.

More information on this session.

Disability analysis of the states reports and IDA’s recommendations for Concluding Observations.

Day of General Discussion

During this session, the CESCR Committee held a Day of General Discussion devoted to the theme of the right to sexual and reproductive health on 15 November 2010. IDA chair, Diane Richler represented IDA during this event. IDA’s submission for the Day of General Discussion.

Pre-sessional Working Group

The Pre-sessional Working Group of the CESCR Committee met from 22 – 26 November to compile the List of Issues for Cameroon, Estonia, Germany, Israel and Turkmenistan.

More information on this Pre-Sessional Working Group.

Disability analysis of the state reports and IDA’s suggested questions for the List of Issues.

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