May 9, 2011 - 9:00am

The Committee against Torture held its 46th session from 9 May – 3 June.

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Disability analysis of the Concluding Observations, disability analysis of the state reports and IDA’s recommendations for the Concluding Observations.

Pre-Sessional Working Group

The CAT Committee also compiled Lists of Issues with respect to Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Morocco, and Sri Lanka. Disability analysis of the List of Issues, disability analysis of state reports and IDA’s submission on suggested questions for the Lists of Issues.

CAT´s Working Methods

On 12 May, the CAT Committee held a meeting with NGOs to discuss its working methods. Sixteen NGOs attended and ten intervened in the discussion, including IDA with respect to, among others, harmonisation of substantive standards across the treaty bodies. IDA submission for this occasion.

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