October 31, 2011 - 10:00am

The Committee Against Torture held its 47th session from 31 October – 25 November.

Information on this Session.

Disability analysis of the Concluding Observations, IDA’s recommendations for Concluding Observations and IDA’s disability analysis of the State reports. With respect to Germany, DPI’s German member, Interessenvertretung Selbstbestimmt Leben in Deutschland e.V, made their own submission, as did WNUSP member, Bundesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener e.V. (Federal Organisation of (ex-) Users and Survivors of Psychiatry in Germany). The Committee’s review sessions have been webcast live.

General Comment

On 22 November the Committee held a public consultation on their draft of General Comment on Article 14, CAT, the right to redress and rehabilitation. IDA participated in this consultation and made a submission on the latest draft of the General Comment.

Pre-Sessional Working Group

The CAT Committee also adopted Lists of Issues on Albania, Armenia, Canada, Cuba and the Czech Republic. IDA’s submission on the List of Issues and disability analysis of the State reports.


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