May 27, 2013 - 9:00am

The Committee on the Rights of the Child met for its 63rd session from 27 May to 14 June 2013. 

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Pre-Sessional Working Group

The CRC Committee also adopted lists of issues on Congo Brazzaville, Germany, Holy See, Portugal, Russian Federation and Yemen which will be shortly posted on the Committee’s website.

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The state review sessions were webcast live and are available for subsequent viewing at

General Comment

The CRC Committee also made public its most recently adopted General Comment no 14 on the best interests of the child. The General Comment sets out that the concept of the child's best interests is aimed at ensuring both the full and effective enjoyment of all the rights recognised in the Convention and the holistic development of the child. It specifies that “the best interest of the child must be assessed and determined in light of the specific circumstances of each child or group of children or children in general which relate to the individual characteristics of the child or children concerned, such as, inter alia, age, sex, level of maturity, experience, belonging to a minority group, having a physical, sensory or intellectual disability, as well as the social and cultural context in which the child or children find themselves". The Committee makes explicit that "the fact that the child is very young or in a vulnerable situation (e.g. has a disability,..., etc.) does not deprive him or her of the right to express his or her views, nor reduces the weight given to the child’s views in determining his or her best interests".

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